How to Add PDF to WordPress Page

Adding a PDF to a WordPress page or post can be a great way to share documents, reports, presentations, and more with your site visitors. Plus, it’s super easy to do! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through multiple methods to add PDFs to your WordPress site.

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Why You Need to Add PDF to WordPress Page

PDFs offer many benefits and can be a great addition to your website. They can be used to share complex information more succinctly, provide a professional touch, and create a polished look on your website. Adding PDFs to your WordPress page or post will give your readers easier access to the information they need and help them to understand your content better.

Method 1: Via WordPress Media Library

Adding a PDF via the WordPress media library is one of the most accessible ways to include it in your website. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Access your WordPress Dashboard and go to the Media Library
2. Click on "Add New"
3. Select and upload the PDF
4. After uploading, copy the PDF URL
5. Go to the post or page you want to add the PDF to
6. Highlight and link the text you want to use as the anchor text for the PDF
7. Paste the copied PDF URL in the link box
8. Click the "Add Link" button to complete


– Easy to use
– No plugin installation required
– PDF will be accessible for all future posts


– No embed option
– No customization options

Method 2: Using PDF Embedder Plugin

If you’re looking for a more customizable and interactive PDF option, then PDF embedder plugin is the right tool for you. Here are the steps to use it:

1. Search for and install the plugin "PDF Embedder"
2. After installing, activate the plugin
3. Go to the post or page you want to add the PDF to
4. Click the "Add Block" button in WordPress Gutenberg Editor, then select PDF Embedder
5. Upload the PDF through the media library or via your device
6. Customize the options to your preference
7. Publish or update the post


– Customizable options
– Embedded view
– Responsive design


– Requires a plugin installation
– Can be complicated for beginners

Method 3: Using Google Drive Embed Feature

One of the easiest ways to add a PDF to a WordPress page is by using Google Drive’s embed feature. Here’s how:

1. Upload the PDF to your Google Drive account
2. After uploading, right-click on the PDF and click on "Get shareable link"
3. Go to your WordPress website, open the post or page you want to add the PDF to, and switch to the Text Editor.
4. Paste the link and customize it by adding "embed" after "/view"
5. Update or publish the post.


– No plugin installation required
– Responsive design
– Document is kept in the cloud, making it easy to update


– Security risks if the sharing setting is not correctly set
– Limited customization options

What to Do If You Can’t Add PDF to WordPress Page

Are you having trouble adding a PDF to your WordPress page? Here are some things to try:

– Check if the PDF upload setting is enabled in your WordPress site
– Try using a different browser or device to upload the PDF
– Compress the PDF file to reduce its size.
– Check if there’s a plugin or theme conflict hindering the upload process
– Contact your website hosting provider to check if the issue originates from their end.

Bonus Tip

For a better user experience, you can add a download button for the PDF. A download link will make it easy for your readers to save the PDF file for offline reading. You can use the button block on the Gutenberg editor to do this.

5 FAQs on How to Add PDF to WordPress Page

Q. How do I make my PDF responsive to different devices?

A. You can use the PDF Embedder plugin or Google Drive’s embed feature, as they both provide a responsive design.

Q. Why can’t I upload PDF to my WordPress site?

A. Several reasons could hinder you from adding a PDF, such as the size of the document, theme and plugin conflicts, restrictions configured by the website hosting provider, or your browser and device settings.

Q. Can I link the PDF to any text on my WordPress website?

A. Yes, you can add the PDF URL as a hyperlink to any word or phrase.

Q. Can I edit or modify the PDFs after adding to WordPress?

A. Yes, you can go to the Media Library and edit the PDFs. Changes made will take effect immediately.

Q. Will adding a PDF to a WordPress page increase the page loading time?

A. It’s possible to see an increase in page loading time if the PDF file is large and needs more time to load fully. We recommend compressing the document to reduce its size.

Final Thoughts

Including PDFs in your WordPress site is easy and provides several benefits to your website and visitors. With different methods such as using the Media Library, PDF Embedder Plugin, or Google Drive’s embed feature, you can quickly add and customize a PDF to your WordPress website. Keep in mind that the right approach depends on your needs and expertise.