What to do when Microsoft Edge is not working

Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is a popular web browser launched by Microsoft. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and X-Box One. In 2017 it was enabled for Android and iOS. It is a streamlined browser built on Web standards. Its small lightweight structure makes it suitable for multiple devices including mobiles.

This browser has become indispensable because of the benefits it offers. Some of them are:

  • Inking- a tool that enables users to draw or write on web pages
  • Cortana- technical blogger from a popular video game, Halo
  • Private Browsing
  • Security features to avoid cyber attacks
  • Support Firefox and Chrome
  • High-speed page loading
  • Social media integration
  • Automatic form fill
  • Uncluttered interface
  • Optimized for low power devices

Once a user is accustomed to so many benefits, any kind of malfunction in the browser can be critical and severely impact the activities of the business or individual. Let us see what are the common reasons that Microsoft Edge malfunctions or completely stop working?

  • Frequent cutting off of Edge internet or inability to connect
  • Web pages not loading
  • Cortana not working
  • Infinite looping of Edge
  • Mouse hover pop-ups not working
  • Windows keeps asking login password

Besides these, there are many other problems which Edge users face, like forgetting Windows passwordYou might have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge might be new to you. Maybe you are facing problems. But fortunately, there are methods by which you can rectify them and get your system running.

Guide: What To Do When Microsoft Edge Is Not Working?

There are different ways to get Microsoft Edge working.

Some of the best methods are:

  • Clean Boot your PC
  • Reinstalling through Powershell
  • Group Policy Editor

Method 1: Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working by Cleaning Boot your PC

The first thing to do when your Edge is not working is to restart your PC. If the problem persists, do a Clean Boot which runs your PC with a minimal set of drivers and programs.

Step 1: Press R and the Windows logo key on the keyboard and type msconfig. Press Enter at the same time.

open run box

Step 2: Next click on the Services Tab. Check the Hide all Microsoft Services box. After this click the Disable all button.

open server tab

Step 3: Go to the tab for Startup and Click on Open Task Manager

open task manger

  Step 4: Select each item in the Task Manager and Disable it.

disable microsoft tab

Step 5: Restart your Computer after closing Task Manager.


Method 2: Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working by Reinstalling through Powershell

For resolving issues such as an improper installation of Edge browser, incorrect working or problem in the opening, you can re-install Microsoft Edge.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and letter S simultaneously on your keyboard and type PowerShell. After this right click Windows Powershell and then select the option Run as administrator.

run as admin

You will receive a prompt, “Do you want to allow this App to make changes to your device?” Choose Yes and continue.click yes

Step 2: Copy and paste the following command in the Powershell window.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Step 3: A Deployment Operation Progress pops up. Wait for its completion and try your Edge again.


Method 3: Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working by Setting Group Policy Editor

Step 1: Simultaneously press the letter S and Windows key and type group policy. Click Edit group policy.

open group policy


  Step 2: Select Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components on the left side of the pane.

group editor

Click on Add package Deployment under the Windows Components category.

Step 3: Next double click on Allow deployment operations in special profiles which appears on the right side of the pane.

Step 4: Click on Enabled. Click on Apply and Ok. Allow deployment operations

Step 6: Check if Edge is working.

Although these are common methods to get your Edge browser working again you will need to deal with specific issues in a different manner. Microsoft Edge browser is vulnerable to connectivity problems, general slowness, password issues, display difficulties with the Home button, issues with Adobe Flash content and many more. However, to address any of these problems you will need to use specific solutions.

In Conclusion:

Microsoft Edge has become an inseparable part of Windows 10. Whenever there is any problem with it, there are severe repercussions. You can use the above-mentioned methods to get your Edge browser working and avoid disruptions in your work.