Lightning-Fast Operations: Time is Precious, FossZip Saves It.

FossZip recognizes the value of your time, transforming lengthy compression and decompression tasks into fleeting moments. Engineered with optimized algorithms and a robust backend, FossZip ensures you spend less time waiting and more time doing what you love. FossZip's swift performance eliminates the buffer of impatience. Whether you're dealing with bulk data or individual files, FossZip's speed prowess is bound to leave you impressed.

HEIC Converter for Windows

Universal Compatibility with Zip/RAR/7Z

Diversity in file formats shouldn't equate to a myriad of tools. FossZip's extensive file support means you won't need another tool for different file types. From the most popular to the niche formats, FossZip handles them with equal ease and precision, including ZIP, RAR and 7Z.


With FossZip, you're equipped with a versatile tool that's prepared for every file challenge thrown its way. Streamlining operations and ensuring consistent performance, it truly stands as a universal solution for your compression needs.

Intuitive Design Where Simplicity Meets Elegance

User experience defines the success of any software, and FossZip champions it with an interface that's both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Designed with users in mind, every element, every button, every function is strategically placed for ease of use and maximum efficiency.


Navigating FossZip is a breeze, even for those new to compression tools. Its clean design minimizes the learning curve while the organized layout ensures operations are executed with minimal clicks. Simplicity and functionality coexist harmoniously in FossZip.

Quality control of HECI Conversion


Peek Inside: FossZip's Preview Feature, No Unzipping Required.

Imagine having the power to glimpse into compressed files without the commitment of decompressing them. FossZip makes this vision a reality with its Preview feature. With FossZip's Preview, users are equipped with the foresight to make informed decisions about their files. It's not just a feature; it's a testament to FossZip's commitment to enhancing user productivity and satisfaction.


Convert HEIC Files

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HEIC Converter Clean

AES Encryption

Provide high-level security for sensitive files, ensuring they are protected against unauthorized access.

Easy Conversion

Password Protect Zip File

Add an extra layer of security to ensure that unauthorized individuals can't access the contents.

Adjust quality

Solid Archiving

Improve the compression ratio by treating multiple files as a single continuous block. It's particularly beneficial for compressing many small files.

User Reviews

File Splitting

Offer the ability to split larger files into manageable chunks, very useful when there are size constraints on uploads or attachments.


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"Download FossZip now to effortlessly compress, protect, and share your files with the most trusted and feature-rich archiving tool available!"


"In the vast sea of compression tools available today, FossZip stands out as a beacon for Mac users. It's not merely about compressing and decompressing files; it's about doing it efficiently, swiftly, and elegantly. I was particularly impressed with the Preview feature – a game changer that allows users to glimpse into their zipped archives without unzipping them. Couple that with its top-notch speed and extensive file support, and you have an app that feels right at home on MacOS. It's as if FossZip has taken the best of its competition and refined it, creating a streamlined experience that's tailored for the Mac environment. " - Alexa Thompson

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I recently made the switch from Windows to Mac and was on the lookout for a solid compression tool to match the ones I was used to. Enter FossZip. This gem of an app has made my transition so much smoother! I've handled everything from basic zipping tasks to more complex file management, and FossZip has delivered without a hitch every time. As someone who relies heavily on compression tools for both work and personal projects, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with FossZip.

- Samuel

- June 15, 2023
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