The Most Reliable and Fastest Option for Migrating Data between 2 Phones

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TunesBro Phone Transfer is by far the fastest program to transfer data between two smartphones. There are only 3 steps to fully copy selected items from the old device to the new one. This powerful program also has an intuitive user interface, making it super easy to understand how it actually works.

  • Supported Content: Contacts, SMS, Photos, Music, App, WhatsApp etc...

  • Estimated Time Frame: 5-15 minutes.

  • Connection Method: USB Cable

Specification about Phone Transfer

Each mobile operating system has unique rules to storage user data. So it is impossible to transfer all content and settings from one smartphone to another. So we gather a list of data flaw for the transfer process. Please check it carefully and make sure the desired data type is supported when switching to a new phone.

Call logs
Android to Android

Android to iOS

iOS to Android

iOS to iOS

iCloud to Android

iCloud to iOS

iOS to Mac

Android to Mac
BlackBerry backup to Android

iTunes backup to Android

iCloud backup to Android

3 Simple Steps to Move Content from One Device to Another

Unlike other transferring software or apps, TunesBro Phone Transfer is the easiest solution you can find out online for data transfer between smartphones. You can complete the whole process with only 3 mouse clicks.

user guide for DiskLab for iOS


Backup and Restore Smartphone

back up and restore phone data

Securely Backup Phone Data to PC or Mac

Backing up phone data to computer is a much more secure and convenient way to protect data from potential damage. It would take hours to backup your phone to cloud services. This is why we insists adding backup feature to TunesBro Phone Transfer. With it, you can easily transfer phone content to Windows PC or Mac in only a few minutes.

Restore Deleted or Lost Files in One Click

It is evitable to wrongly delete files on smartphone because of the touch-based nature. And it would be much harder to directly retrieve deleted files from the phone. However, once you backed up the phone with this program, you can preview and restore deleted or lost files from a single click. This makes sure important data is well protected.

Erase All Data and Settings before Selling or Giveaway

erase phone data

It is a common practice to sell or give away the old phone when getting a new one. However, no one is willing to exposure his or her private information to others even for those ones you are familiar with, right? This is no more a problem with the help of TunesBro Phone Transfer. It has a built-in module to permanently erase all content and settings on a target device. After that, no one would steal a single piece of information from that device. Your privacy is well guarded.


phone to phone
transfer in progress

Restore Data to New Phone from:

1 click backup and restore

From Phone Transfer Backup

Has a built-in feature for data backup. Once you did it, you can restore the lost data in a single click

1 click backup and restore

From iCloud Backup

Directly download backup file from iCloud and extract them to new phone without data loss.

1 click backup and restore

From iTunes Backup

The best choice if you backed up the old iPhone with iTunes. It can extract content from iTunes backup file.

1 click backup and restore

From Samsung Kies Backup

Pull off data from Samsung Kies backup. This is a great option for Samsung Galaxy phone users.

1 click backup and restore

From BlackBerry Backup

The only available solution is to restore from Blackberry backups. Designed for loyal Blackberry users

1 click backup and restore

From OneDrive Backup

Use a Windows mobile smartphone and backup it with OneDrive service? No problem with the help of this app.

Technical Reviews from Reputed News Editor

Since the early days of its release, TunesBro Phone Transfer has won a lot of positive reviews from various new editors across the world. It is the first program available online in 2013 to seamlessly transfer data from one phone to another.

"TunesBro Phone Transfer is a program that I never expected to have such a powerful function. It is so surprising to see how easily to move content between two smartphones. It would be take a lot of time switching to a new phone. However, it only takes a few minutes to do it with this amazing software." - SoftPeadia Editor

Use Voice from Millions of Users

"I used to manually add my contacts on my new phone in the past. This is really disgusting. But with TunesBro Phone Transfer, it only took 5 minutes to transfer my contacts list (over 500+) to my new iPhone 7. I want to say thank you to TunesBro as it saves me a lot of time during the transition."

- Max

- Mar. 21, 2016
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