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It's been a few months since the iPhone 7 was released worldwide and the internet is already buzzing with the news and rumours about iPhone 8. No doubt Apple starts planning its flagships long time ahead of their release. So, we could safely assume that development of the next iPhone edition is already ongoing.

2017 will be the 10th year since the launch of the first iPhone. Apple must definitely be planning something great for this anniversary next year. Here is some news and rumours internet has whipped out.

It Could Be An All-glass Device

The rumours are suggesting that the Apple's flagship iPhone for 2017 will have a front and rear made completely of glass. Of course there will be some metal sandwiched between the front and the back and supportive metal midriff frame, but it will have more glass than any of its predecessors. It will, kind of, look classy and extremely futuristic. Apple's new all-glass ‘move' could easily be the attempt to stand apart from the crowd of the smartphones that are getting smarter and classier looking.

an all-glass device

This might, you may wonder, make the phone vulnerable to damages and probably you would not want to drop it ever on the concrete floor. However, as fragile as the concept may sound, Apple will use the toughest glass there is to make it almost unbreakable. Some rumours say that Apple is planning to use the sapphire crystals on the iPhone 8, which it already is using on its watch. But, that might make the phone extremely expensive. But, there are tough glasses available that are not only scratch resistant but also quite strong.

It May Drop The Home Button

There is some buzz doing the round that Apple will drop the Home button from the iPhone 8 in 2017, the way it got rid of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 in 2016. Apple did make some conspicuous changes to the Home button in iPhone 7 already. The latest released iPhones features a glass circle made of sapphire and introduced the Taptic engine feature. But, iPhone 8 may see the Home button gone for good.

Drop the Home Button


This kind of gets you thinking; isn't it? How are you going to use your iPhone without the Home button? Well, it has been heard that Apple's been working on the technology that builds the fingerprint scanner into the screen, which might allow them to get rid of the Home button altogether. This technology is not completely unheard of though. Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has already demonstrated it. The removal of the Home button will also require some important changes in the operating system. Apple will probably introduce a different iOS version for iPhone 8.

It May Come in New Colours

Most iPhones are available in very limited colours, in the hues of gold, silver, and black. But, the rumours suggest that Apple will add two new colours, most likely blue and red, to the new edition of iPhone. Well, if you love iPhones for what they are and colours don't matter to you much, that's any news for you. However, there are still millions among us who would go an extra mile to fetch the iPhone in the colour of their choice. And it is good too, for Apple will finally be breaking out of the monotony of colours it has paraded over the years.


Dual Lens Camera May Still Be Reserved to The Plus Model

Yes, we did hear some buzz that the next Apple flagship will have the dual lens camera in all the models (that is iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.) However, the newer rumours have somewhat debunked the older ones. Although we know nothing about the actual specs on the 2017 iPhone, many industry experts have stated that the dual lens camera will be limited to the Plus model only. Well, that's the kind of rumour we hope turns out to be wrong. Let's keep the fingers crossed.

Dual lens camera


It Will Probably Charge Wirelessly

Wireless charging is something that we have been talking about for quite a while now. The truth is that no manufacturer has been able to achieve that so far. Apple has docks that make wireless charging somewhat practical, but only to a certain extent. It is rumoured that Apple has finally achieved the breakthrough and its new devices will come packed with the wireless chargers.

Charge Wirelessly


If past is any indication, leaked specs and rumours often turn out to be true. If there is truth in the iPhone 8 rumours, it will be one of the most path-breaking mobile phones to be made. The all-glass body alone will make it look very futuristic. With wireless charging and new colours, it will be the prized possession of the buyers.


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