How to Clean up Junk Files on Mac with Best Junk Cleaner for Mac

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We know that junks file can be easily and continually generated without any permission, it will take up lot of space on your RAM or hard drive. It's useless to keep these junk files live on your system, they not only will slow down your Mac performance, but also they may cause some unknown errors and glitches. So, it's highly recommend to remove all junk files on your Mac regularly.

Why We Need to Clean Junk Files on Mac?

Removing junk from Mac is beneficial and crucial for various reasons. First reason is that you will get to wipe all the infected and wasted items from your Mac computer that may slow down the system. Secondly, you can review the unused and old applications that are no use anymore and taking up all the space on the hard disk. And finally, if you keep cleaning your Mac junk files then it will perform way faster and will function smoothly.

Now, before you get started, know that cleaning random files from the Mac is brainless. You can't simply go through the hard disks and remove whatever you feel is useless. Have some patience and clean the files one by one to avoid any mess. But if you wish to automate the task and use software to do all the tasks for you then it could be lot easier. These tools like CleanGeeker can scan the computer thoroughly and erase the useless files from the computer along with old apps, junk files, cache file, duplicates, unused items, etc.


Part #1: What's Junk File?

MacOS has been working and designing from few years to terminate the junk and trashy files and totally remove them from the system without any acknowledgement of the user. Junk files are generally the information or files that take very little space so you may not even notice their presence in the system. These Junkies are classified in 12 different categories -

Part #2: Clean Junk File by Deleting Unnecessary Disk Images

Mostly people prefer to remove junk files on Mac by searching in their main directory or the hard drives where they store their contents, but often forget the download section which is the main dumping ground with piles of unnecessary files especially the disk images which get cluttered. Few of which might be useful but most of them are simply heaps of forgotten items. Thus cleaning of these disk images in this section can greatly reduce the possibility of clearing junk files off your system. To clean up follow up ahead:

Clean Junk File by Deleting Unnecessary Disk Images

Step 1. First go to "Finder" and then select "Download" folder.

Step 2. Type here "disk image" into the search box.

Step 3. Kindly select "Disk Image" beneath the "Kinds" header.

Step 4. Now; delete all the DMG files shown out of this search results as they are taking a lot of space in your Mac.

Cons –


Part #3: Clear Up Junk Files on Mac using CleanGeeker

CleanGeeker is an all in one Mac Cleaning software which can remove all types of unwanted, unused, damaged, corrupted, duplicate files off your Mac. It could automatically detect which files and drives needs to be optimized and cleans them. Obviously, you can manually control what files to delete or not if you have the time to go through each and every item present on the computer. CleanGeeker not only helps to remove the use less files and items from the computer but it also offers salient features like maintaining and monitoring the features of the system. Also, it allows you to uninstall software completely without leaving any saved settings files. It can collect all the plugins, extensions, addons, widgets, etc. into one single place and shreds each and every file into pieces.

CleanGeeker - Clean Junk Files on Mac with One-Click
  • Clean all types of junk files from Mac easly and 100% efficient.
  • Clean up mail attachments, login items, extensions, unused applications files.
  • It is capable of doing three kinds of scanning - App Scan; Junk Scan; Deep Scan.
  • It is compatible with all Mac OS versions.
  • More other features >>


Step 1Download and Install CleanGeeker on Your Mac

First of all, click the download button to o download the correct version on your Mac computer, then install the tool using install wizard. Run the tool with admin rights, and you can see the amazing GUI of the tool. On the main screen, watch out for "Home" section on the left hand side and click on it. Here it will display you all the used space, available space, and CPU usage, etc.

open cleangeeker on mac

Step 2Scan All Junk Files from Your Mac

Now go to "Junk Clean" section below and choose the junk items by checking the checkboxes and clicking the "Delete" button at the bottom right corner.

scan junk files on mac


Step 3Start to Clean Junk Files on Your Mac OS X Now

Select your apps by ticking the checkboxes next to it and once done, click "Delete" button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Clean Junk Files on Your Mac OS X Now

Once you are done with all types of junk file cleaning, you can be rest assured of the proper condition of your Mac now onwards.

Part #4: Remove Junk Files on Mac Manually

in this part we are going to show you how to clean the junk files (cachefile, logs and Temporary file) from a Mac. Now, if you have no time to go through each and every files and folders on the Mac then it would be better to opt in for a third party Junk cleaner oftware in part 3. First we going to show you basic regular steps and procedures to clean up the Mac junk files.

remove junk files

Remove Cache and Temporary Files:


Remove Log Files:

  • Step 1. Again, go to Finder followed by “Go” then “Go to Folder”.
  • Step 2. Using the keyword, type “?/library/logs” then press the enter button to open the logs folder.
  • Step 3. Now, these are all useless logs that you don't want to keep. So, select them all and delete them from the system.
  • Step 4. Again, to make sure they are gone from the PC, delete all the files from the Trash can too.

  • remove log files on mac

    I know you guys must be thinking how simple these procedures were, but truth to be told, you will have to be super awake and cautions to perform these steps. Delete 1 wrong folder and you may erase some vital information from the system. That's why take your time and manually erase all these files and folders. It certainly is time consuming but better take precaution than feeling sorry. That's why, we often recommend using a software that could automatically erase these junk files and make your Mac faster than ever. Moreover, these tools are time effective and can maintain your system without going through any brief manuals.



    Cleaning the Mac alone will not do any good if you are not cautious about what you are accumulating while working on your Mac. The tools can help you though to settle the issue momentarily but cannot rectify your carelessness for your Machine. Thus you need to be careful about what you rare storing. In addition to it, keep the last tool CleanGeeker installed on your Mac for a guaranteed output, as you might come across a situation every now then when you need a Mac cleaner to do the job for you.


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