Enhanced Protection to Lock USB Port for Reading or Writing

Data protection is an essential concern in both business and personal area. Disabling reading or writing access to USB is one of the most important mechanism to stop information leakage. That's why we developed TunesBro USBGeeker, an incredible software to block illegal copying or writing to unauthorized USB device, including flash drive, smartphone, tablet, CD, DVD and SD card.

Block Any USB Device Including Smartphone

No more worries about data leakage. No file or folder could be exported to physical USB device without permission.

File Access Only Granted to Trusted Device

Maintain a list of USB devices for granted access. Only those devices in white-list can read from USB or write to USB.

Share Your PC Without Fear of Data Theft

You can let anyone used your computer and be safe in the knowledge that your data is fully protected and secure.

Block Websites for Enhanced Security

Sites that you don't want others to visit on your PC can be blocked in web browser. You control what gets viewed.


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Clever Way to Stop Data Leakage

The best way to protect your data and make sure no unwanted data is loaded on your computer is by locking external ports like USB. However, you also want to prevent reading from an external source, which means USBGeeker is the ideal product for your needs. Only whitelisted devices can be used on your PC, which means you have more control over what goes in and what comes out of your computer.



Solid Copy Protection to USB

Very often, you might not want your PC to be overloaded with data from external sources like USBs. Or, you may just want to restrict access to external media from the computer.


In either case, USBGeeker has you covered. It will disable data being read from any USB disk or external drive that you want to block. It is much easier than applying native data movement restrictions using the default system settings.

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Timely and Detailed Report for Device Activities

Need to monitor what's going on with your PC and external data sources? No problem. TunesBro USBGeeker gives you comprehensive reports and maintains logs on all activity on your PC that involves external USB drives. Stay up-to-date on how others are using your PC and what storage devices they're plugging in. You can even disable reading from or writing to specific devices like a particular SD card reader or flash drive.


Disguise	Your Folder/Files

More Features to Blow your Mind

TunesBro USBGeeker is a one-stop solution to block the flow of sensitive or private data to and from your PC.

Smart Recovery

Lock Specific Devices

Identify risky devices and block just those for a custom-designed security policy.

Recover from iOS Device

Lock Programs and Apps

Restrict running for specific programs or applications. Make a list of your own.

Recover from iTunes Backup

Device Lock

Disable external non-USB device like printer, modem, Bluetooth, COM port in a single click.

Recover from iCloud Backup

Program Open Password

An open password is set to the program. Only legal users have the right to open the program.


USBGeeker USB Lock
USBGeeker Website Lock
USBGeeker Program Lock  your files

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"TunesBro USBGeeker is an effective program to prevents data leakage and stop copying your data to USB drives, smartphones, CD, DVD and other portable devices."

"With TunesBro USBGeeker, you can keep your computer safe from harmful, virus infested files by restricting all USB access using this comprehensive and powerful tool. " - SoftPeadia Editor

User Reviews

Impressive! TunesBro USBGeeker helped me block 100+ illegal attempts to read my data sheet both locally and remotely. Received the notification immediately when the access was blocked. This is very helpful!

- Chris Avery

- Sep 25, 2017
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