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How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone
iPhone Backup Extractor

Want to extract your iTuens backup and check what in it in detail? Here is a simple way for you to do it quickly.

Wednesday , Aug. 31, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

Recover iPhone Data without Backup
Howt to Recover Messages from iPhone with or without Backup

Deleted messages by accident? When you feel helpless it is time for you to recover your lost or deleted messages from iPhone.

Thursday, August 11, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

Reset Network Settings
Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone SE/6s(Plus)/6(Plus)/5s/5c

If you always have the question like "how to recover lost contacts from iPhone?", then you should make full use of this tutorial.

Friday , August 12, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

recover photos from iPhone
How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone without Backup

Did you lost your photos on iPhone? Whatever is the reason, you may panic and you will wish to recover your photos back and use it again. See the solution here.

Friday , Sep.1, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

fix iPhone recovery mode
How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

We may all know that iTunes is the Apple official way to get out iPhone recovery mode, but this will erase your all contents and settings from iPhone.

Monday , Sep.26, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

recover note from iPhone
How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

A lot of times we deleted many important Note by accident on iPhone, you may seek for many ways anxiously to recover your notes but not succeed.

Thursday , Sep.29, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

iTunes keep crash
How to Fix When iTunes keeps Crashing on Windows

Did you meet such problem, when you have downloaded the 64-bit version itunes and after around a minute of opening it then freezes/crashes. See how to fix.

Tuesday , Oct.11, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

Delete Everything on iPhone
How to Delete Everything on iPhone without Recovery

Have problems when trying delete photos on your iPhone? Well before selling your iPhone or iPad, it's not far enough to delete files on iPhone, you must completely erase them.

Tuesday , Oct.18, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

recover whatsapp messages on iPhone
How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

If you accidentally deleted WhatsApp on your iPhone and reinstalled it, your chat history would disappear. No matter what the reason is, you still have a chance to recover them.

Wednesday , Oct.19, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

hard reset your iPhone
How to Hard Reset Your iPhone

Resetting your iPhone can be helpful in the event your phone stops responding, fails to turn on, this article will tell you how to reset your iPhone device easily.

Friday , Nov.18, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

How to Access iCloud Backup
How to Access iCloud Backup

Because Apple's iOS is a closed system, so you can't directly access to iCloud or iTunes backup files, this article gives you three ways to help you.

Friday , Apr.14, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

Unfreeze iPhone,iPad, iPod
How to Unfreeze iPhone,iPad, iPod

There are several methods for unfreezing an iDevice, including charging the device, restarting the device, or using iOS data recovery.

Friday , Apr.24, 2016 | By Melissa Parks

Fix when iPhone/iPad Stuck in Apple Logo
How to Fix when iPhone/iPad Stuck in Apple Logo

As as Apple fan, you'd better learn about how to fix iPhone stuck at Apple Logo without data loss.

Friday , Apr.28, 2017 | By Melissa Parks

Fix iPhone White Screen of Death
How to Fix iPhone White Screen of Death

it is common to see that iPhone or ipad may get into white screen due to some improper operation. This article give steps to fix it.

Friday , Apr.28, 2017 | By Melissa Parks

iPhone X
How to Transfer Content from One iPhone to Another

iPhone X is totally different from the previous iPhone models. This makes it hard to move content from old iPhone to iPhone X. Here are a few tips to get it done.

Tuesday , Nov.14, 2017 | By Melissa Parks

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